It seems like stores everywhere have gifts “for him” and “for her,” but what about “for them”? Without the helpful guidance of the confines of mainstream genders, many gift givers find themselves lost. Do you get them a truck? A dress? A truck in a dress?

To help everyone out, I, a nonbinary, took a look through my Amazon recommendations in order to find recommendations for YOU! After all, we’re interchangeable. Take a look at this list to find the next sweet gift for them, xem, or whatever the nonbinary you know prefers.

1) A Mating Pair of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

In truth, cockroaches are the perfect nonbinary symbol. Nobody asks a cockroach what its “real gender” is when they see one at a party, they just scream and start stomping the floor. Also, if it were more socially acceptable, I, too, would hiss every time someone touched me without permission.

2) Some Finger Hands for Your Finger Hands


The next time someone makes a joke about “if I had a hand for every gender” the nonbinary in your life can whip this out and slap them with each increasingly tiny hand.

3) Some Air Plants in Sea Urchins That Look Like Jellyfish


Much like my gender, these plants are up in the air. And much like me, they’re absolutely adorable. A nonbinary person can hang them around their home or desk, and when they get asked awkward questions about their gender presentation they can just point at the sea urchin plants and suddenly that’s all anyone will want to talk about.

4) A Simple Grill Igniter Kit


It’s well known that all nonbinary folks own a grill. I don’t think I need to explain this one further.

5) A Pair of Light Up LED Eyelashes


It’s easy for people to ignore pride hats, pronoun badges, and someone literally telling you their pronouns over and over again. When all else fails, sometimes you’ve just gotta light up your eyelashes. If your nonbinary loved one has some technical skill, they could probably alter these to spell out a message, like “BEGONE, TERF” or similar.

I hope this list helps you pick out the gift that they REALLY want!

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